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Pharmacological interference of HIV-1 reservoir should have into account the macrophages

Rodríguez Mora, Sara

The major obstacle for HIV cure is the existence of long-lived viral reservoirs. Macrophages contribute to maintain HIV persistence along with CD4+ T cells. Moreover, macrophages are also responsible for the chronic inflammation observed in people living with HIV ...


Efficacy of Kinesiotape in Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema: A Systematic Review

López-Garzón, María

Breast cancer is one of the most common in the world. It has been observed that the appearance of lymphedema in the upper extremities it is one of the most prevalent complications caused by the obstruction of lymphatic flow. The increase of volume in the upper extremity affects physically and psychologically ...


Functional massage and manipulation of the upper cervical spine in cervicogenic dizziness

Cabanillas-Barea, Sara

Although the neurophysiopathological bases of cervicogenic dizziness (CD) are not clear, the cervical structures have been considered a potential source of this pathology. Due to the abundant innervation of the upper cervical spine (UCS) and the close connection with the vestibular system and the visual system, this region has been the most relevant in CD treatment ...


Repercussion of hamstring strength work after meniscal suture of posterior root medial meniscus and ramp injuries. Systematic review of indications in physiotherapy treatment

Monné Cuevas, Pol

- INTRODUCTION: Injuries to the posterior root of the medial meniscus (MM) represent 21.5% of injuries and are defined as radial tears 1cm within the insertion of the meniscus or avulsions of its own insertion (1,2). The posterior horn of the MM (IMPC) is related to the posterior capsule and the oblique popliteal ligament (OPL) through the meniscus capsular (MCL) and meniscotibial (MTL) ligaments ...


Knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and professional practices of physiotherapists towards physical activity and sedentary lifestyle

Solà Madurell, Mireia

Physiotherapists play a key role in promoting health and therefore in reducing physical activity and sedentary lifestyle. However, these professionals seem to have shortcomings in their knowledge of these aspects as well as diverse professional attitudes and practices in the field ...


Relationship between Virtual Reality and balance: bibliographic review

Gomez Doctor, Sergio

Postural control requires that the Center of Pressure (CoP) be within the perimeter base delimited by the outside of the feet. The gamification (introduction of techniques, elements, and dynamics typical of leisure games) of rehabilitation offers a playful character, favoring adherence to treatment ...