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Physical exercise program for women with chronic fatigue syndrome The biopsychosocial vision

Beltran Font, Sergi

Chronic fatigue (CF) is a well-defined pathology characterized by a persistent and limiting fatigue during, at least, 6 months. Aerobic exercise had demonstrated to be a significant treatment for the symptoms, but, if the dose is not correct, it can be a risk factor ...


Effects of instrumental mobilization of the cervical muscles in tension-type headache

Cabanillas-Barea, Sara

Tension-type headache (TTH) is the most prevalent headache worldwide, affecting between 30 and 78% of the general population. Its symptoms include bilateral, oppressive head pain of mild to moderate intensity and lasting from minutes to days. A common feature in these patients is increased sensitivity of the pericranial structures ...


Hippotherapy and involvement in sensory processing

Andrés i Granyó, Sara

The concept of hippotherapy comes from the Greek word "hippos" = horse and " therapeya" = therapy. It refers to a complementary therapy that covers different areas of action within physiotherapy and other professions in the field of health. It enables work in the motor, sensory, psychological, and social areas of child and adult development ...


Effectiveness of graded motor imagery and its component techniques in phantom limb pain in the amputee patient: a systematic review

Rierola-Fochs, Sandra

Phantom limb pain is that pain or sensation experienced in a body part that has been previously amputated, completely or partially. It affects 55-80% of the population but not in the same form, frequency and intensity. There are different theories about its origin but there is no one theory that prevails over the others ...


Virtual reality as an upper extremity treatment in children with cerebral palsy. Systematic review

López Yerpes, Rosa Mª

Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most frequent cause of physical disability in childhood. Due to its heterogeneity in clinical presentations, treatment should be personalized and meet the needs of each moment of psychomotor development. Within the different treatment approaches, this review assesses the use of virtual reality and its effectiveness in improving upper limb function ...


Prevention of anterior talofibular ligament sprain in adolescent soccer players

Ruiz Rodriguez, Roger

The anterior fibular ligament sprain is the most common in the world of adolescent soccer, with 31% of cases. It has a wide variety of risk factors, modifiable and non-modifiable, that the scientific evidence has not grouped on the same scale. An ad-hoc Scale ROPISA is proposed, to define a high/low risk of injury with a prevention plan to reduce the incidence ...