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Effects of a music-based rhythmic auditory stimulation on gait and balance in subacute stroke

Gonzalez-Hoelling, Samira

Global stroke statistics from Thrift (2017) show that gait and balance impairments are common after stroke. Music rhythm can modulate motor performance and become effective for motor control through auditory-motor integration pathways in the brain. (Thaut, 2008, p ...


A New Case of HIV Remission

Salgado, María

To date, it has been described three cases of HIV cure, all of them having in common an allogeneic stem cell transplantation performed in men receiving mobilized CD34+ cells from adult donors with a CCR5delta32 mutation. Here, we comment the first reported case of remission in a woman, and more important, it was achieved by the use of CCR5 mutated cord blood cells as a donor for the transplantation ...


The Challenge of Understanding Long COVID

Vigón, Lorena

Most individuals recover completely after mild infection with SARS-CoV-2, but about 10% of them develop a new syndrome termed Long COVID or PostCOVID condition that shares common characteristics with an autoimmune disease. In this study, we observed significant differences in the immune response developed against SARS-CoV-2 in individuals who recovered completely, in comparison with individuals who developed Long COVID ...


Perfiles inmunológicos asociados a una menor respuesta a la vacunación contra el SARS-CoV-2 en personas mayores

Vitallé, Joana

A pesar de los resultados prometedores de la vacuna BNT162b2 mRNA frente al SARS-CoV-2, se han encontrado unos menores niveles de anticuerpos neutralizantes en ancianos que en sujetos más jóvenes. En el presente estudio, describimos que la disfunción tímica y la consecuente alteración de homeostasis de células T, la migración y función deficiente de células dendríticas y el patrón pro-inflamatorio mediado por monocitos están asociados a una menor respuesta SARS-CoV-2-específica tras la vacunación en ancianos ...

Pharmacological interference of HIV-1 reservoir should have into account the macrophages

Rodríguez Mora, Sara

The major obstacle for HIV cure is the existence of long-lived viral reservoirs. Macrophages contribute to maintain HIV persistence along with CD4+ T cells. Moreover, macrophages are also responsible for the chronic inflammation observed in people living with HIV ...


Efficacy of Kinesiotape in Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema: A Systematic Review

López-Garzón, María

Breast cancer is one of the most common in the world. It has been observed that the appearance of lymphedema in the upper extremities it is one of the most prevalent complications caused by the obstruction of lymphatic flow. The increase of volume in the upper extremity affects physically and psychologically ...