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Etiology, pathogeny and management of the pain in osteonecrosis of the jaws

Torres Lagares, Daniel

Osteonecrosis has specific characteristics when it affects the jaws, therefore, what is known about avascular osteonecrosis in long bones cannot be transferred without adaptation to osteonecrosis of the maxillary bones. In the first part of our work we focus on the etiopathogenesis of radiotherapy or medication-related osteonecrosis, two of the most frequent osteonecrosis in the jaws ...


Why is psychological treatment important in rheumatic and autoimmune diseases?

Gobbo Montoya, Milena

Psychological factors, as anxiety and depression, are deeply involved in the etiology, evolution and prognostic of rheumatic diseases. These factors affect patient’s life in many ways (like pain, sexuality, etc.), and they are also, sometimes, cause of bad adherence to treatment ...


The 3 D liars: Pain (Dolor in Spanish), Depression and Disability

Gobbo Montoya, Milena

Patients with rheumatic diseases, usually think that this problem have to be associated always with pain, disability, and depression. This presentation aims to prove that patients have lot of things to do in order to prevent these three possibilities, and to have a normal, even, wonderful life ...


Role of radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer pain

Lloret Saez-Bravo, Marta

Radiation therapy is one of the pillars in the treatment of cancer. Along with surgery and systemic treatment (hormone therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy) helps cure of this disease. However, sometimes the advanced state of the disease or the condition of the patient do not allow raise a radical or curative treatment ...


Evaluation and treatment in rehabilitation of patient with myofascial pain

Casado Adam, Pablo

Myofascial pain syndrome is a common cause in the clinical practice in Locomotor system and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, so it is advisable to know how to detect and treat it in time before its chronification. It is characterized by the presence of trigger points in muscles and fascias, which are indurate nodules included in taut bands ...


Therapeutic exercise as a tool to prevent falls in the elderly

Vidal i Martí, Pat

By 2015, the elderly population, worldwide, will double and have high social and healthcare resources needs, especially with regard to falls, which in some cases will require surgical intervention or hospital admission , causing a loss of the independence and autonomy of these people ...